Welcome Back! 2nd Trimester Starts Monday, November 30

Welcome back! I hope you’ve had a rest-filled break. This trimester goes incredibly quickly, broken up by winter break and several three day weekends.

Want to get a jump on an important math concept we’ll be working with during the next three weeks? It’s called the bubble method for finding the lowest common multiple of two fractions.

I’ll embed a video and add a link to a lesson on how to use this method.

Lesson for this method can opened by clicking HERE.

End of Trimester 1 Awards Assembly Friday, October 23

Our Grade 4-6 Awards Assembly is FRIDAY in the multi-purpose room and starts at 9:15 AM. SORRY. The previous post indicated Thursday for the awards assembly. I was mistaken.

The following students are receiving non-academic awards:

  1. Diego C.
  2. Lila E.
  3. Jared Q.
  4. Elizabeth L.
  5. Xavier M.
  6. Maddy M.
  7. Taylor C.
  8. Ella H.
  9. Christelle B.
  10. Brayden S.
  11.  Trevor W.
  12.   Yulia P.

Tap Water Information

Water on Tap: What You Need to Know is a MUST read for our inquiry into water systems.

This informational publication was created by the Environmental Protection Agency and shares a LOT of information about our water supply in the United States.

It’s long, so we’ll break this up and assign teams parts to review. YOU can get started by skimming graphs, charts, maps, captions, subheadings, and reading sections that interest you right now.


Walking Field Trip Tuesday, October 20

Sorry for the surprise.

This was a VERY cool last minute opportunity for us to walk to Laguna Creek High School to participate in the Art Impact Day tomorrow. I was unable to get field trip forms out Friday, so here is what I’m doing:

1. Sending home hard copy of walking field trip permission slip with your child due tomorrow morning.

2. Attaching walking field trip permission slip to an email in case your child loses it between school and home. I am using the emails gathered at Back to School Night.

3. Uploading permission slip to blog so you can access it and print out at home that way.

Click HERE to download the permission slip to fill out and send back.

Again, I’m sorry for the short notice. We applied to go on this field trip a few weeks ago and were unable to get in, since all slots were taken. Thursday of last week a slot opened up and we went for it.

Please do not hesitate to call, text, or email if you have questions.



Homework: Monday, October 5, 2015

Math: Most students quizzed over estimating two-digit divisors. A handful worked with me today to review. IF…IF…you worked with me, you need to finish SPB 2.5 Q’s 5, 6, 7, and 8. IF you took the quiz, you have no homework. :)

Reading: Read 30 minutes

Spelling: Work on SpellingCity.com tasks.

Science: Finish workbook for lesson 3. Study dictionary. RE-read lesson 3 in EEI student edition. I would also study the diagram of an aquifer found both in your dictionary and in the visual diagram we looked at today in class.  Remember you can click on the links in this post, or you can find ALL of these items in Curriculum-EEI Science-5.3 Earth’s Water in the drop down menu at the top of the blog.