Literacy Statistics You NEED TO SEE!

Here’s a link to a series of statistics from Scholastic Books that could be VERY helpful for your research.

Homework: Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Math: Finish chapter 5 practice test

Homework: Thursday, April 23, 2015

Math: Finish SPB 5.4

Chapter 5 test Tuesday

Carnival Update

Notes were sent home asking for donations to our class carnival basket. I am donating an antique rocking chair to serve as the vessel for our donations. It’s solid oak, at least 150 years old, and quite beautiful. What can YOU send in to help out? Please see the note in your child’s backpack or the post from yesterday on the blog.

We have less than 1 week to get this done. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Homework: Wednesday, April 22

Math: Finish Standards Practice Book 5.6.

Carnival Update

We are putting together a class basket as part of our fundraiser for the School Carnival. THIS is replacing the crab feed.

Our basket theme is “Family Fun Extravaganza.”

Things we would love to see donated are:

  1. board games
  2. video games
  3. snacks
  4. blankets
  5. books
  6. electronics
  7. gift cards to restaurants
  8. gift cards to theme parks/family outings (museums, arcades, cart-racing, paint ball, bowling, etc.)
  9. movie theater gift cards
  10. beach chairs
  11. pool toys
  12. outdoor games (ball games, horseshoes, croquet, ring toss, etc.)
  13. BBQ supplies
  14. Adult beverages (adults please bring to school directly)

Your Children are Famous…AGAIN!

I’m pleased to announce that earlier this year students shot B-roll footage for iCivics. We edited a 45 second sequence for an award video announcing how iCivics won a MacArthur Award for Innovation.

Some of the B-roll footage was used to make this tribute video for our nation’s first female Supreme Court Justice. The film was shown at a gala event honoring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Erin Lewis, the Director of Outreach for iCivics, works closely with the Justice and relayed to me she was greatly impressed with what our students had captured and were doing with this game-based learning platform.

Kudos to our kiddos!!!! Watch the film for yourself! :)

Welcome back to third and final trimester!

April 6 begins the first day of the third trimester and the last trimester of your 6th grader’s career at Foulks Ranch!

The school year has flown by. Be prepared to work right up to the end.

A quick reminder to all families: I will be gone Monday, April 6 through Wednesday, April 8 and return to school Thursday, April 9.

I will be attending a conference in New Orleans for the Buck Institute of Education.

Mrs. Montes, a Foulks Ranch teacher, will be subbing while I am gone. I’m sorry for the timing, but the dates for the conference were beyond my control.

Please if you have any questions, feel free to email me at I anticipate three days of hard work and smooth sailing. Ms. Montes is a great person and fantastic teacher!

Final DonorsChoose Project COMPLETE!

Our final DonorsChoose project of the year wrapped up this last week! Thank you to “Christos” and “Propagate Vocabulary” for finishing off a Chromebook proposal that was mostly funded by gift cards provided by the National Collegiate Football Championship Foundation.

$1,750 in DonorsChoose gift cards were gathered for us at the 2014 National College Championship in Texas in January of this year by my friend and fellow teacher Mark Oglesby! He had the honor of serving in the opening ceremonies, helping carry out the American flag onto the field.

Because of the generosity of Mark and the National College Championship Foundation, we were able to obtain 5 more Chromebooks!

Last step: write thank you notes! We’ll be taking care of those this week in class.

Homework: Thursday, February 12, 2015`

Math: SPB 4.4 Problem Solving

Reading/Social Science: Answer Review Q’s 1a, 1b, 1c-2a, 2b, 2c pg. 66

Want a quick look at Mesopotamia with the band, They Might Be Giants? This is a fun look at a civilization from 5,000 years ago!

Homework: Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Science/Social Science: Finish the Mind Map for EEI Lesson 1 in Student Workbook. If there’s time, watch the short Mesopotamia documentary. ¬†Click HERE to see the video. You can also see the meander bend video on this page as well as the flyover the Nile Delta.

Math: Finish measuring Adam Levine’s face…yes, I said measuring his face. You have 5 more ratios to set up and show the syntax. You may use a calculator to convert fractions to decimals. For instance if you measure Adam Levine’s pupil to lip distance as 2 5/8″ inches, you can use a calculator to convert 5/8 into 0.625. Be sure to rewrite the mixed number as 2.625 when you set up the ratios!

Below is how Adam Levine’s face should be measured as well as how you should set up the syntax for your ratios.

Remember: The Golden Ratio is 0.618 or 1.618. It’s a number that’s emerged over time as “pleasing to the eye.”

Don’t forget here are the ratios you need to set up and calculate:

Face ratios

IMG_1643 IMG_1633


Exploring the Golden Ratio

For thousands of years two numbers, 0.618 or 1.618, have been referred to as the “Golden Ratio.” Shapes whose measurements form a ratio equalling this have been considered “visually appealing.”

Here’s an experiment: Does the Golden Ratio help us define beauty in humans?

The following experiment will test the concept. Click HERE for directions on what you and your math team are about to embark upon.

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