Daily Update

Today was busy! We wrapped up our math/art work using rectangles and a review of subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with regrouping. Several students began a new math/art review using protractors and multiplying fractions and mixed numbers. Want to see their work? Stop on by and take a look at the walls. They’re looking more colorful!

Reading. PLEASE encourage your child to continue reading Sea Otter Heroes at home on their devices. We will start looking at book reviews and begin thinking about what essential details should be taken from the Sea Otters book to be used for the trailer we’re producing.

We’re continuing to use Padlet to get students to reflect on their learning and thinking. Here’s an example of what an in-class reflection looks like! Ask your child to explain how Padlet works. They’re catching on VERY quickly. Not all reflections will be public. Some will be between student and myself, too.

Made with Padlet
We began diagramming sentences today as you might be able to tell by the Padlet above. This is a great way to get students looking at language and taking it apart in order to put it back together. This will help with our study of appositives and independent and dependent clauses. If it’s been a while since you’ve done this, it’s never too late to brush up on your skills. You can go to IXL for some practice pages that also come with answer sheets, too! Remember what an indirect or direct object is or a coordinating or subordinating conjunction? Your students will be diving into this and more soon enough.

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