Homework: Friday, August 30, 2012

Math: H1-7 Questions 1-6 do two ways: Open Number Line and Decomposition. If you were working with me, you have a few extra questions to do decomposition method only. 🙂 Quiz tomorrow over open number line and decomposition methods of adding and subtracting.

Reading: Read 30 minutes.

Spelling: Study for spelling test tomorrow.

Writing: Finish concluding paragraph for Crest and Motto essay. Grade the sample papers with your parents using the Ideas rubric. Be sure to explain to your parents how the rubric works, and how you use it to evaluate a piece of writing.

Science: Study handouts.


Homework: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Math: None

Spelling F6 & H10. F6 is write your words and write all the silent letters in one color and the letters you can actually hear in a different color. [For example: “antidote] H10 is write your words and write all the schwa sounds in one color and the letters you can actually hear in a different color.  [For example: “aqualung“]

Math: None

Science: None

Writing: None

Reading: Read 30 minutes

Homework: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reading: Read 30 minutes

Spelling: Tasks C2 and D7. C2 is write the phonetic pronunciation of your spelling words and divide them into syllables. Also, be sure to mark wtih a ` mark the syllables that are stressed. D7 is create at least 3 sniglets using the word roots “aqua-” and “aque-” and “anti-”

Writing: Diagramming sentences quiz tomorrow. STUDY

Math: H1-6 Q’s 6-11. Do each problem TWO ways: expanded form method and partial sums method. Quiz tomorrow over lessons 1-5 and 1-6.

Science: Read pages 550-553.

Homework: Monday, August 27, 2012

Math: H1-5. If you did NOT finish your independent practice, it must ALSO be completed.

Spelling: Complete task “D2.” That is “Do the assigned worksheet.” Please review your spelling manual with your parents, reading the letter and reviewing what affixes, prefixes, roots, and bases are. Remember, you need to do parts “A,” ” B,” and choose ONE task from the “C” section on both sides of the worksheet.

Writing: Complete page 12 of sentence diagramming. Complete a 1st draft conclusion for your crest and motto essay.

Reading: Read 30 minutes.

Homework: Thursday, August 23, 2012

Writing: Idiom Project is due tomorrow (unless I spoke with you to extend your deadline). Finish page 7 of the sentence diagramming packet. THERE WILL BE A SHORT QUIZ TOMORROW OVER COMPOUND SUBJECTS, COMPOUND PREDICATES, AND A MIX OF THE TWO. 🙂

Math: H1-2 (That means finish workbook chapter 1, lesson 2). If you DID NOT finish the independent practice, you MUST get that finished as well.

Reading: Read 30 minutes. Read the blog. Keep exploring! There is a lot to see!

Homework: Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Writing: Idiom Project Due Friday. Read and REREAD your idiom’s history/origin. Summarize it (without plagiarizing). Create a sentence that uses the idiom then REWRITE the same sentence using literal language.

Example of sentence using idiom: “I’m not angry anymore. It’s all water off a duck’s back.”

Example of sentence with literal language: “I’m not angry anymore. It’s over and done with.”

Math: None

Reading: Read the blog. Continue exploring! And work on the “Curiosity Challenge”
 posted previously this week!

FORMS: Parents, PLEASE take a few minutes to get the back to school forms filled out and returned by Friday. I especially need the parent contact forms on card stock with emails, cell, work, and home numbers as well as parent names. This is a huge help for communication for me. Thanks! 🙂

Homework: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Math: Finish H 1-1 (Homework Workbook chapter 1, lesson 1) If you forgot your workbook, you can download the workbook pages by going to the “Curriculum” link above, selecting “Math” and “Scott Foresman” and then clicking on “Workbook pages.”

Writing: Idiom project #1 is due Friday. Tonight, work on summarizing the history/origen as well as themeaning of the idiom and crafting two sentences-one using the idiom, and the other a rewrite of the first sentence but using “literal language.” We will begin reviseing tomorrow in class.

Forms: PLEASE return back to school forms A.S.A.P.

Reading: Read the blog! Look for the typo! There are two spelling erros in this post. When you find them, E-MAIL me at my school address: jbentley@egusd.net. Please do not post the reponse on the blog, or else you will sort of be giving away the answer, right? GO! 🙂