Our current DonorsChoose.org Proposal. Can you help spread the word?

DonorsChoose is a non-profit organization that helps schools obtain materials for their students. You can click on the links in the banner above to read about it or visit our DonorsChoose.org classroom web page.

Want to check out our current proposal? Click HERE. We are trying to obtain a new wireless lavalier and hand-held microphone, and we could use your help. There are two ways to assist: donate a few dollars or spread the word with friends and family.

First day? AWESOME!!!

To the parents: you’ve done a great job raising nice kids!

To the students: you all make good first impressions!

Please check the blog daily for news, homework, requests, and upcoming events. I try to keep posts brief…I know there are a lot of things competing for your time. 



Students: Please finish your “Student Goals” and “Student Questionnaire” you began in class.

Parents: Please fill out the “Introducing Your Child” survey and parent volunteer form. 🙂 Look for more beginning of the year paperwork coming home tomorrow.


Entertainment Books:

Parents AND students this message is for you from our AWESOME PTO! Please read carefully. Our class and our school will benefit greatly from your involvement.

Entertainment Books are on sale again!

For each book sold students will receive a raffle ticket that will be placed in the raffle drawing.  Raffle prizes include:  A portable DVD Player, Game Stop Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards, 16GB UBS Flash Drives, Book Fair Cash, Spirit Wear Sweatshirts, Railroad Museum Passes and More!

Also, the class that sells the most Entertainment Books will receive a pizza party!!!

At the end of the fundraiser the vendor will provide Ice Age 3 prizes.  These prizes include foldable flying disc and pouch (sell 1-2 books); character eye mask (sell 3-4 books); drawstring bag and beach ball (sell 5-9 books); and Skateboard with carrying bag ( sell 10+ books).  Prizes keep adding up as you sell!

Students that return their envelopes or unsold book by August 30th for A Track will receive a special treat from the PTO.  The vendor will be on campus 30th and at the time we will come through and remove unsold books, process orders, and provide the treats.

Students and parents PLEASE return money or unsold books by no later than Thursday, September 13th.

The morning of Friday, September 14th raffle tickets will be pulled and winners will be announced.


Picture Day:

Thursday, August 30 is A track picture day…it’s also a P.E. morning. Solution? We’ll tone down the intensity of physical activity a bit. Please remind students to return picture forms ASAP. They will be handed out tomorrow…Tuesday, August 21.


School Supplies:

Please try to obtain school supplies by the end of the week. I’ve got enough writing utensils and sticky notes to loan out for a few days, but I could use your help to outfit your child with some basic supplies. You can find the list of items your child could use by downloading the “6th Grade Survival Guide” HERE.


Got Curiosity?

As an incentive to get students to read the blog and explore it, I will from time to time pose challenges or even “hide” things on pages of the blog…typos…trivia questions…something to pique your curiosity.

So, here is your first challenge! 🙂 All answers must be in written form, using complete sentences and plenty of details. Please, only student summary writing…no computer printouts will be accepted.

 Each correct answer will enter you into a lottery for something special at school by the end of the week! Get reading and searching on Google!

Answers are due by no later than this Friday, August 24.

  1. What’s a “snoot,” and what’s it used for?
  2. What’s a “slurpasaur,” and where does the term come from?
  3. What’s a “fake shemp” or a “shemp,” and where does the term come from?
  4. Who is Alan Smithee?
  5. What’s a “McGuffin?” What are some examples of this?

Welcome to the 2012-2013 School Year!!!!

Welcome to 6th grade. This will be a fast paced year with a LOT of learning opportunities!

You will find our class blog to be a critical communication and learning tool this year. ALL “newsletters” will be posted via the blog. All homework will be posted on the blog. Copies of handouts will be posted on the blog.Want to stay informed? It’s easy. Just subscribe to the blog and each time I post something, you will get an email notifying you something was posted!

Ever ask your child if they have homework or any project due and all you get is, “No.” Double check by going to the blog. And if there’s any confusion about an assignment or project, you can leave a comment on the blog which then sends me an email. The more communication we have going, the smoother things will run. 🙂

Please take some time to explore the blog with your child. Check out the drop down menus. Click on things. Post a comment. Visit links! Push buttons! Have fun! 🙂 Want to see our class schedule? Click HERE.

We will work on a lot of big projects…in class…in class…not the kind you take home and mom and dad do! 🙂 And we will have a lot of fun along the way. By getting comfortable with the technology parts up front, life will be a LOT easier! And if you ever have questions, I am here to help! Want to see a sample documentary we made for The World We Want Foundation? Click HERE! Want to see the “Three Levels of Questions” we will be discussing as we read Junior Great Books? Click HERE and download the handout! Want to SEE the literary element of “mood” graphically displayed using a Mary Poppins remix? Click HERE and scroll down to the section titled “Mood.”

Sometimes, I’ll refer students to documents on our wiki page. I will try to put a link on the blog to get them to the wiki for ease of use.

What’s a wiki? Nothing more than a digital filing cabinet that stores “stuff” for you (and anyone else on the internet) to download. You can check out how a wiki works by watching the film below!

I look forward to working with each of you this year both in and out of class. And yes, we will have ample opportunities to work after school and on weekends on film projects. We have a series of instructional films to make for the Elk Grove Unified School District’s Transportation Department this year, and two films for the City of Elk Grove informing residents how to use the “Hard to Recycle” and “Reuse Room” at our soon-to-be-constructed Special Waste Collection Center! And then there’s the S.E.V.A.s, or Student Educational Video Awards, and the “You On The Road” pieces, and the California Student Media Festival and…

Well, you get the picture. I’ll look forward to meeting you all at our BACK TO SCHOOL DAY which will be held in the morning on the first day of school. This is a departure from the usual. Please email, call, or text me if you CAN NOT make it. I hope to see you all there! 🙂