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Today was saw that AnswerGarden is a tool we can use to capture a quick, anonymous reflection. In 20 characters or less, you can respond to a prompt. You may respond more than one time. Try to keep answers to just a few (2 or 3) words. Feel free to respond to this AnswerGarden below. Remember to keep language G-rated and on topic. Inappropriate comments will be deleted.

The yearbook dedication deadline is approaching!


Each year the parent volunteers, who create the school yearbook, make space at the end of the yearbook for  families to  to leave a special message for their 6th grade children.  All submissions for dedications must be submitted (via the attached form) to the FR school office no later than December 19th.

This is a firm deadline. Late submissions cannot be included in the yearbook due to deadlines set by the yearbook company.

If you would like to leave a special message for your 6th grader as they promote the middle school, please do so ASAP!  (And don’t forget to order them a yearbook as well!)


Thank you!

Foulks Ranch Yearbook Committee

Sad news

Today we were greeted with sad news for Tristan’s family about the unexpected passing of his Dad. An email was sent out with a letter.

When Tristan returns to school we will want to make sure he knows he’s loved, supported, and has the space he needs to grieve.

Students today put together a simple, heartfelt message which I’ll share in this post.

Hug those closest to you.


Today kicked off with a review of geometry and fractions. Students worked on a HyperDoc to think and read and work together to create an abstract piece of art. You can view the HyperDoc below. What is a HyperDoc? It’s a digital lesson plan that allows students to work through a concept at their pace and to interact with ideas and each other.

It’s not a digital worksheet.

It’s using a digital tool to get kids thinking and learning differently. It’s the future. And your children are going to be well prepared for it at this pace. Look for more HyperDocs this second trimester in different subjects.

The day ended with several students beginning to read Patricia Newman’s new science book, Sea Otter Heroes: How a Predator Saved an Ecosystem and the rest working with me to find archival footage of military war dog handlers for another book trailer we are producing for Connie Goldsmith!

It is so great to see your students back in class. Thank you for the opportunity to work with your kids. This is a special group, and I missed them!

Welcome Back!

I hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable and your time off was restful.

The second trimester goes VERY FAST! We are back for 3 1/2 weeks and then off for winter break. January and February have several three day weekends and suddenly it’s March.

That said, I wanted to share with you an opportunity to attend the EGUSD Family Life Curriculum Night to preview the materials we will use in 6th grade. Below is the information we were given today:


 Family Life Education

Parent Preview Nights


 Robert L. Trigg Education Center Board Room

9510 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624

Wednesday January 4, 2017

7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.


 Robert L. Trigg Education Center Board Room

9510 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624

Thursday, February 2, 2017

7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.


Elk Grove Unified School District

Curriculum/Professional Learning

Your school will be offering Family Life Education to 5th and 6th grade students.  In compliance with the California Education Code, Section 51938, you are invited to attend a Parent Preview Night of the Family Life Education Growth and Development video and of the curriculum used in your child’s classroom, which has been approved by the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Education.

If you have any questions, please contact Raymond Pietersen, Health and Family Life Program Specialist, at 686-7797, ext. 67224.




New Filming Dates Set for This Thursday & Next Monday & Tuesday

We are all set with filming this week and next week.

PLEASE text, email, or call my cell to let me know if your child can join in and assist with filming. We could use at least 8 or 9 students for each session.
Thursday, November 3 we will film at Stone Lake Farms and Todo Un Poco. 
Meet at Foulks Ranch at 1:45 to grab film gear and leave by 2:10 to go to Stone Lake Farms. Afterward we will drive to Todo Un Poco to film in their kitchen. 
Monday, November 7 we will film at the Elk Grove Food Bank.
We will meet at Foulks Ranch at 9:30 to grab film gear and then drive to Elk Grove Food Bank. 

Tuesday, November 8 we will film at the Elk Grove Food Bank.We will meet at Foulks Ranch at 9:30 to grab film gear and then drive to Elk Grove Food Bank.

Addresses for locations are below:
Todo Un Poco 9080 Laguna Main St #1a, Elk Grove, CA 95758
Stone Lake Farms Stone Lake Road, Elk Grove, CA 95757
Elk Grove Food Bank 9820 Dino Dr #140, Elk Grove, CA 95624
Jim Bentley
Teacher, Elk Grove Unified School District
National Faculty, Buck Institute for Education |

Filming Postponed Until Next Week Due to Rain

We are looking at 100% chance of rain starting tomorrow at 6:00AM. We will have to postpone filming tomorrow due to weather.

I will coordinate with Cliff Wilcox and Marie Mertz to set up a day next week we can film. As soon as I have a day, I’ll send email and post on blog. 
Here is some good news though: We now have dates to film at the Elk Grove Food Bank!
We will film Nov. 7 starting at 10:00am at the Elk Grove Food Bank and again on November 8 also starting at 10:00am. 
The plan will be to meet at Foulks Ranch at 9:30am to gather film gear and then drive to the Elk Grove Food Bank located at 
9820 Dino Dr #140, Elk Grove, CA 95624
If your child can film at the Elk Grove Food Bank, please let me know via email or text. One day we will focus on getting b-roll of the facility. The second day we will focus on interviewing staff at the food bank. 
Last location we are still working to film at is the anaerobic digester at Clean World in Sacramento. I’ll keep you posted on that.