Two Voice Poems…meant to be read AND spoken.

We started crafting two-voice poems today. We’re going through a process to seek out the most interesting topics and telling details. We used a feedback protocol to get a better idea on if our details are interesting and our topics are engaging. Here’s an example of a two voice poem and the process we are going through.

We will revise our thinking and our poems and share these with you by the end of next week. Get ready for some fun and engaging writing!

Help Needed: Parent Survey Provides Important Feedback

It’s hard to believe the school year is winding down? It feels like we’re just getting started!

Each year in an effort to understand how parents feel about their child’s educational experience, a survey is sent out. This survey will come home today. It’s a scantron form with spaces to provide written comments, too. Responses are private to encourage honest feedback.

The survey is available online and can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Please could you fill out either the paper or the online survey and help our district, site, and myself grow with your kind, specific, and helpful feedback?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Let’s Make ART Saturday from 9:00am to 11:00am!

During March 10 students were able to meet at Sims Metal Management to help scavenge metal for a public art project in Elk Grove. The sculpture will be designed by Gina Rossi.

Saturday, April 9 from 9:00am to 11:00am students are invited to come to Gina’s studio at 1801 20th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811 and help her weld the metal that has been scavenged onto the piece of art! 🙂 And get this: students will have a chance to weld their initials onto the piece so that their legacy will live on in perpetuity!

The finished art piece will be unveiled on Earth Day, Friday, April 22, 2016 at the Special Waste Collection Center at 9255 Disposal Lane, Elk Grove, California 95624. And guess who’s invited to attend the unveiling? OUR CLASS! I’ll get information on times for this event and let you know as soon as I find out.

Gina teaches welding to kids ages 8 to 80, so she’s an expert teacher and easily one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever met. (I’m a little biased. She’s an aunt to one of my wife’s life-long friends.)

If you’ve driven down J Street in Sacramento and seen the artistic and amazingly unique bicycle racks, you’ve seen Gina’s work.

Please let me know if you have questions?

Genius Day Progress

I hope you’ve all had a great off-track time. As advertised on our track off day, I’ll offer a “Genius Day” to any student who reads 31 articles during our 31 day, off-track period. I’m posting an image with the tally so far. There is exactly one week left to meet this challenge.

Students who read 31 articles and quiz on them will receive one full school day to work on a project of their choosing. These are all the students who are in the double-digits. It’s not too late to make the goal. Keep reading! 🙂Screenshot 2016-03-28 15.38.12