Common Core

What is it?

On August 2, 2010 the California State Department of Education adopted new educational standards called the Common Core Standards. Check out the short video to get an overview of what all the talk is about.


To learn more about the Common Core visit the EGUSD’s Common Core website by clicking the link below.


The Common Core State Standards



With the Common Core comes a whole new type of testing. Sure, there’s multiple choice-now called “Selected Response”-but no longer is there only one right answer of A, B, C, or D. There will be short answer typed answers called “Constructed Responses” and even some larger assessment components called “Performance Tasks.” The difficulty of all these questions will vary from a “D.O.K.” (Depth of Knowledge) ranging from 1 (easiest) to 4 (most challenging).

Want to get a look at some released questions and learn a little more about this? Click HERE to view sample practice tests for both Mathematics and English Language Arts.

Student Achievement Partners is a nonprofit organization that assembles educators and researchers to design actions based on evidence that will substantially improve student achievement. Founded by three of the contributing authors of the Common Core State Standards, Student Achievement Partners is devoted to accelerating student achievement by all students by supporting effective and innovative implementation of the Common Core. Visit their website to learn more about the Common Core.

Common Core Standards

English-Language Arts

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Common Core Standards.

Common Core Standards


Click HERE to download a PDF of the Common Core Standards.