6.1.2 Paleolithic People: Adapting to Change

 Resources for this unit:

Common Core Correlation Guide (PDF)

Teacher’s Edition (PDF)

Teacher’s Masters (PDF)

Teacher’s Masters Form Fillable (PDF)

Student Workbook (PDF)

Student Workbook Form Fillable (PDF)

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Visual Aids (PDF)

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Dictionary (PDF)

Word Wall Cards (PDF)

NGS Maps: Natural Regions (PDF)

NGS Maps: Human Geography (PDF)



Additional Resources:

Smithsonian Magazine: “The Great Human Migration”


Lesson 1
Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 6.28.40 AM

Click HERE to learn how Polynesian explorers might have migrated using canoes such as the one to the left!







Simple Geologic Timeline graphic

More advanced Geologic Timeline graphic w/details