6.6.b Energy and Material Resources: Renewable or Not?

Student Resources for the Unit

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Energy Websites

Energy Star Kids

This from the U.S. Department of Energy. It’s got excellent graphics and great information!

Recycle City 

Created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, THIS game is awesome! My favorite!

U.S. EPA Websites for Kids

Too many sites to list. There is something here for students of all ages!

California Air Resources Board

Too many sites to list…18 to be exact! Please click and try and share your opinions. I REALLY like Energy Kids and

Energy  and the Environment

This interactive British website is a fun way to learn about energy resources.

Energy Quest

This interactive website created by California’s Energy Commission has games, films, and a lot of fun stuff to explore!

Energy Hog

Do you know how energy is wasted in your home? Try some of the games on this website to learn how!



CalRecycle PSAs

The California Environmental Protection Agency has quite a few high quality PSAs related to energy and resources. Check them out! Get ideas for PSAs we could make! And learn something 30 seconds at a time!


Is this a natural resource? Is it renewable? Inexhaustible?


Lesson 1 What Are Resources?

Check out this old-school look at California’s natural resources from the Internet Archive!


Check out “The Story of Stuff’s” Annie Leonard’s take on natural resources and how they’re used…and wasted. She does have a point of view that shines through (meaning she’s trying to inform you while at the same time she shares her own opinions, too), but she also makes some great points around the 14:00 mark about planned and perceived obsolescence.