6.6.c Made from Earth: Natural Resources

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The Story of Stuff is a GREAT 20 minute look at where our “stuff” and the natural resources used to make it comes from…and goes to.

NOTE: Annie Leonard, the narrator, does at times introduce her opinions on what’s good or bad. Try to recognize those moments as she talks and focus on the supply chain of natural resources.




Where do natural resources come from? Resources are found in different parts of the world. Depending on what you need determines where those resources will be extracted. Check out the CIA World Factbook’s page on natural resources to see what comes from where!


So how is a surfboard actually made? Check out this cool time lapse!


Ever wondered where aluminum comes from? Check out this film by Alcoa!

NOTE: Alcoa is an aluminum mining company. Do you think their tone is neutral, or do you think they might be trying to persuade you to believe they’re not harming the environment?

Contrast this film with an article from World Issues 360 which discusses the effects bauxite mining can have on the environment. Does World Issues 360 have a neutral tone, or are they trying to persuade you to think bauxite mining is bad for the environment?


What’s in a juice pouch? And why should I care?

Check out this article by the NRDC to learn what resources go into making a juice pouch and how they can be disposed?


Ever wonder where ink comes from?

You might be surprised by the natural resources that have been used to make it in the past! Check THIS out!

Check out this short documentary on how Indian Ink is made!


Toymakers! Get ready to think about building a toy from a design standpoint!

You might find this list of episodes from the Science Channel’s program “How It’s Made” helpful. You can click on the episode and be directed to a Wikipedia page to read more about the item you’re considering making! You might get lucky and get a video link, too!

If you want to go to the Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” website directly, you can do that by clicking HERE.

Check out how a baseball bat is made!


Meet the Extractors

 Industrial Logging

Industrial Cotton Production

Industrial Copper Production

Industrial Oil Production

Silica Sand Mining

NOTE: Thesee videos have definite tones and points of view. Are they for or against silica sand mining? What do you think?


The Effects of Consumption