5.3.b Changing States Water

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Lesson 1 Evaporation, the Water Cycle, and Human Communities

Video #1: Salt Farming

Video #2: Water Cycle Review NOAA

Is the movie old? Yes! Is it still relevant? YES! Check out what kids in school watched in 1949 to learn about the water cycle!
Spoiler alert: The water cycle has not changed since 1949!


Lesson 2 Factors Affecting the Evaporation Rate

News Story #1: Mormon Island Reemerges

News story #2: Folsom Lake


Lesson 3 How the Water Cycle Affects Natural Systems

What came first the rain or the rainforest?


Lesson 4 The Cooling Effects of Evaporation

Weather Channel Video #1

Berkely Labs and Cool Pavements

The urban heat island effect and how cool pavement can help from University of California on Vimeo.

Plants don’t “sweat,” but they do give off water through a process called “transpiration.” Here’s a quick explanation of what it is and how it works.

Here’s another look at transpiration showing what it’s like to be a water molecule inside a xylem tube!

Okay, this one is a bit cheesy. And the guy talking makes a mistake pronouncing one word (Can you figure out which word he flubs?) BUT…BUT…the experiment he does and the explanation he gives for it is a good one, so I’m including it here. Hurry up and get the giggles out then watch the short video. Okay? GOOD! 😉


Lesson 5 The Role of Condensation in Natural Systems


Lesson 6 Freezing in Natural Systems and Human Communities

Check out this frost map in California to get an idea of how elevation and proximity to the ocean plays a role in freezing.