Yes, the cool shapes, bright colors, lines, circles, graphs and charts, and other visual decorations make these look fun to make. They are. But it is VERY CHALLENGING to condense what you know into a well-done infographic! BUT THEY’RE AN AWESOME WAY TO SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW!

Click HERE to get started.

  1. Ask your parents to help you create an account.

  2. Then start creating! It’s free! No charges or anything!



Another infographic generator. This one is free…sort of. The free version has limits on what you can do. But it’s still pretty awesome! Like, you’ll need to create an account.

Click HERE to go to their website and get started!



Billed as “The zooming presentation tool,” Prezi makes a Power Point look tired and rather “blah.” You will need an email so you can make an account. If you do not have an email account:

  1. Ask your parents to help you create one

  2. Ask your parents to send a note saying I can help you create an email account at school using Yahoo’s free email.

To visit Prezi’s website click here.



Create “art” with words by building a “word cloud.” Click here to learn how!


Mr. Bentley’s Wiki Page

A wiki-page is  like an online file cabinet. Files, documents, projects, videos, pictures, teams for group projects, all can be stored on a wiki. I’ll load handouts, I.N.B.s, lesson summaries, graphic organizers on the wiki.

To visit the class wiki click here.