“Go Math!” 5th Grade

We will be blending the adopted “Go Math!” curriculum with the District’s “Making Math Meaningful,” or “M3,” grant. This will be a transition year not only in our classroom but throughout the state and the nation for that matter as the Common Core Standards are more fully implemented.

The good news…your child will be trained to become mathematical thinkers and problem solvers by learning multiple ways to find solutions to math problems. Many of the strategies will seem foreign at first, but with perseverance they will get it.

Here are the core lessons that will be taught this year using the M3 Grant resources. These will be our “go to” concepts as I learn how to incorporate “Go Math!” into the M3 way of thinking and teaching.


Grade 5 Lessons

Fractions and Mixed Numbers:
Fractions, Decimals, Percents:



“Go Math!” Website

There is a website where students can go to complete online assignments and view video tutorials and play games. To visit the site click HERE.

You will need to select state, district, and school. You can begin typing our state, district, and school to jump down the list faster.

Your child will need his or her STUDENT ID number for the “User Name.” The Password is “school.”