“Go Math!” 6th Grade

Again, we will be blending the district adopted “Go Math!” curriculum with the Making Math Meaningful (M3) grant in which the Elk Grove Unified School District spent three years training 6th-12th grade teachers how to teach math using multiple methods. Below is the curriculum guide for 6th grade which correlates the M3 style of teaching math with the recently adopted “Go Math!” curriculum.


The M3 lessons below will be the “go to” curriculum as I learn how best to integrate “Go Math!” into the M3 style of teaching.

The good news…math is going to be an entirely new, thinking experience for your kids. They will be trained to “think” and not just “do” math. Please click on the links to see the lessons or content presentations on the math topics we will be exploring in 6th grade.


Grade 6 Lessons