Project Needs Your Help

We currently have a project online to obtain one more Chromebook.

Donors Choose is an educational crowd-funding platform that helps teachers obtain materials students need. We need to raise $267 to complete the project. The good news:

The good news: we’ve already raised $200 thanks to a $100 donation by Mrs. Jelani and a $100 matching donation by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The even better news: a $37.50 donation right now could finish the project with the help of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation matching program going on right now! 🙂

Could you please share this opportunity with friends, families, or colleagues? The link to the project is

Thank you Carreon and Jelani Families!

WOO HOOOO!!! We are just about half-way to our goal! Thank you so much Jelani and Carreon familes! We’ve got $455 to go.

We’ve raised $500 in about 17 hours! If we keep this rate going, we should have new Chromebooks ordered for students by the end of the week!

Please keep the momentum going. Share the word with extended family and friends. Remember you can double donations until August 31 using the match code SPARK or JUMPSTART at checkout.

Link to our project is:

Thank you on behalf of each of our students for your support!!!!



A huge thank you to Tom and Tina Sandlin and Barbara Martin (Brayden’s grandma) for donating to our DonorsChoose project online!

A huge thank you to Suzie Boss, Edutopia blogger, educational expert, and friend of mine.

Want to help?

Donate between now and August 31 and DOUBLE your donation using checkout code SPARK or JUMPSTART. You can turn a $25 donation into $50? Yep. Matching funds have helped our students obtain approximately $30,000 of equipment since 2006!

PLEASE make any contribution you can or pass along our project proposal to extended family, friends, colleagues, or anyone who loves your child and wants them to get the equipment they need to succeed! 🙂

Our proposal is to obtain 3 last Chromebooks so everyone can have their own device to use throughout the year.

Please consider helping today.