Progress reports. Do NOT freak out.

I know parents want letter grades.

Do. Not. Freak. Out. 🙂

Grades are a statistical average and do not take into account teacher observation or trends in growth. There are about 4 weeks left in the grading period. You will see growth. I see it every day.

Keep a long view of your child’s learning and grades. They will do better if we work together. They will do better if they persevere and put in the effort and develop the grit necessary to overcome challenges. Your child needs to be at school. They need to be fed and rested and ready to work. We need to keep them focused on their job-learning-and minimize the other distractions in life for them as best we can. I have three daughters: 2nd, 4th, and 7th grade. I know what it’s like to be a parent. Keep reading and talking with your child. And remember that your child is so much more than a letter grade.

Your child receives “feedback” daily by me one-on-one or in small groups on everything we do. It is not possible to assign a letter grade (nor is it necessarily helpful) to everything we do. Students do not receive grades on everything we do, but they do receive feedback. A grade is a statistical sampling on a given day to see how they’re performing.

If you see missing assignments/quizzes, that’s a sign your child has been absent and hasn’t made up that work. It might mean they’re missing too much school. You might want to reflect and ask why that is.

Rigor in school is increasing with text complexity. Reading is KEY. Students need to be reading nightly, discussing what they read with somebody at home as well as peers in school. Please help build your child’s fluency and comprehension by discussing what they read.

Again, please focus on the comments of the progress report. Please rely on the grades as a barometer on trends. The qualitative comments are going to be far more meaningful than the grades overall.

Please note the grade level at which your child is reading and their fluency. Please note their Newsela quiz average. You will see these averages rise the more accustomed students become to reading closely and critically.

I’ve been doing this 19 years, and I can tell you that the 1st trimester grades are always the most interesting. Your typical A students still score A’s. Some of your students who struggle first trimester answer the wake-up call and boost their performance 2nd trimester. And sometimes those straight A kiddos first trimester slack off second trimester and drop down when it comes to grade performance.

I will be out of town this weekend to celebrate my mom’s 75th birthday and not answering emails or phone calls. If you have a concern, PLEASE send me an email and I will be in touch with you next week.


Yellow Information Cards Needed ASAP

I was sorry I couldn’t meet all of you at back to school night. I’ll send out an email with highlights and some key need-to-know bits of information.

To facilitate communication, I really need your most current email, printed neatly on the yellow card-stock cards handed out at back to school night.

I sent home cards with kids today whose parent/guardian weren’t able to make it. PLEASE send me those cards by tomorrow. Communication is key and works both ways. PLEASE feel free to email, text, or call at anytime. I will do the same.