CAASPP Results for EGUSD

Our school district has a press release about how our students performed last year on the state’s newest standardized assessment-California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

To read the full release, click HERE.

While we will take the test in the spring and focus on doing our best, I would like to add that there are many things an assessment like this cannot measure. We won’t be teaching to a test per se, but rather teaching the students in our class to realize their fullest potential. Your child is more than a test score. I have the honor to see that everyday in class.

By working on our thinking moves, reading a LOT, discussing our confusion, and building a strong sense of curiosity and grit, I have full confidence that our students will do just fine on the CAASPP or any assessment we throw at them. 🙂

Meet a Hero

We’re going to use the text rendering protocol today on a short, news story. It’s about a person who recently passed away. I feel Rev. Gilmore deserves to be called a hero-a term that we should discuss in class and define as a group.

We’ll read the story in class and use the protocol and then discuss what it means to be a hero. You can read the story by clicking HERE.

Here’s a recent picture of Rev. Gilmore.