Homework: Monday, August 24, 2015

Reading/Science: RE-read Lesson 1 EEI. Pay especially close attention to the highlighted sections we discussed. Complete workbook Lesson 1 Questions 1-4. These will be for both a reading and writing and science grade. Answers should be complete sentences.

If you wish to complete the workbook online and type answers, you can use the form fillable PDF. Click HERE for the link.

EEI Videos to watch. 

Yes, I’m asking you to watch TV for homework. Well, not really TV, but I’m asking you to watch two videos.

The first video is on desalination. Is it something we can afford cost-wise and environmentally?

The second video is about the drought in California and how it’s affecting people.

Both videos can be viewed by going to the top of the blog and clicking on CURRICULUM > EEI SCIENCE  > 5.3 EARTH’S WATER and then scrolling down to the second and third videos you see on the page.