Hello, Declaration of Independence. Goodbye Great Britain!

We are resuming our study of the founding of our country this week. Today we started looking at the Declaration of Independence and the key ideas contained therein.

We also watched a music video rendition of this founding document. Take a look and listen for yourself! I dare you not to tap your foot or sing along! 🙂

The Atlantic Slave Trade in 2 minutes.

Today in class we celebrated our nation’s Constitutional birthday by launching into the We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution program.

Lesson 1 looks at who lived in the colonies in the 1770s and what life was like. During reading, we learned that slaves were not afforded the same quality of life as other colonists.

This sparked an interesting discussion on slavery, and it reminded me about an animation I saw.

Witness the 315 years of the slave trade in 2 minutes by clicking the animation below. You will be taken to Slate Magazine. There you can read more about who made the animation and how it was made.

Big shout out to our students for asking me to click on one of the dots. We discovered we could find the name of the ship, the number of slaves the ship was carrying, and sadly the number of slaves upon the ship who survived the voyage across the Atlantic.

Watch. Wonder. Talk about this. Notice how slave importations taper off and stop around 1808 to the United States? Why might that be? What would cause the slave imports to stop prior to the Civil War?

Atlantic Slave Trade