Spelling Work Update

Today is day one of spelling. We’re using SpellingCity.com for several activities. If you do not have internet connection at home, I will have to make time for your child to complete their work. It is IMPERATIVE, however, that students make every effort to complete their work at home.

I can log into my teacher account and track exactly how many minutes spend on different tasks. They joys of the internet and websites. As of this post (6:36 PM, September 14, 2015) I see the following students have completed ALL or nearly all of their online activities or have at least logged on and started working:

  1. Jared
  2. Ella H.
  3. Zaya
  4. Yulia
  5. Ashlyn
  6. Christelle
  7. Brayden
  8. Aidan R.
  9. Aaron
  10. Marcelo
  11. Desirae
  12. Lisa
  13. Diego
  14. Carlos

If you’re name isn’t on the list above, that tells me you have not logged into SpellingCity.com and have failed to begin working. Your time is limited in class. Use your work time at home wisely and be careful of falling into the trap of saying you’re going to do homework on the computer and then getting distracted and doing “other stuff.”

Parents, please monitor your child’s screen time and keep an eye over their shoulder to make sure if they are online, they’re working on what they should be. Failure to complete tasks at home will limit access to other online activities in school.

Homework: Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Busy day today! We crafted an email and sent it to several Elk Grove Unified School District math and science experts as well as emailed Dr. Potter from University of the Pacific in Stockton about our water taste test.

Here is the email response from Mr. Pietersen. PLEASE read it closely and be prepared to come back to school tomorrow to discuss the points he raised.

PLEASE be sure to click on the wikipedia link to learn about the difference between a single vs. double blind taste test. Guess what I’m doing? Yep, clicking the link and reading, too! 🙂


Hello Mr. Bentley’s Class,

It sounds like you are doing a single blind taste test. Single vs double blind: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blind_taste_test
If the participants don’t know what they are drinking and the experimenters don’t know the participants, also they don’t know the exact brands of water and the source of the tap water, then it is double blind.

You are asking some interesting questions. Actually several questions:
1. Do people prefer tap to bottled water (if this is what you want I suggest narrowing to one source of tap water and one bottled water brand.). There are far too many variables that make tap water from different sources different, such as the type of plumbing, well water source or a city water source, fluorinated tap water and some areas don’t have fluorinated tap water and so on….because of this variation I would limit the study to the tap water served at, for example, Foulks rank elementary school. Also think about storing the tap water in the same plastic bottle as the “bottled water” therefore you consider the variation on how the water is held.
2. Which bottled water is preferred to tap water? If this is a question you really want then you might want to tell the person here is tap water then give them unknown bottled water (I’d even include an unknown tap water sample, to see if they can really tell the difference.)

Are you sure this statement is what you are doing? We do not want to compare bottled brands to each other. We do not want to compare tap and bottled against each other. We just want to see what people prefer in a blind taste test.

In any case good luck with your study. As in any study the larger your sample group (in this case tasters) the more likely your results will be considered credible.

Take care,

Ray Pietersen
Science Program Specialist,EGUSD
Curriculum & Professional Learning (C/PL)
Office: ( 916) 686-7797 ext. 7407
Fax: ( 916) 686-7743



Math: Finish big book Lesson 1.9 for homework. You do NOT have to do the On Your Own questions. The front side is ENOUGH! 🙂

Reading: Read 30 minutes aesthetically.

Homework: Thursday, September 3, 2015

Math: Finish SPB 1.7. We took the mid-chapter checkpoint and most of you did REALLY well! 🙂 Yay! For those who struggled, good news is this: we will always review, reteach, and learn from our mistakes. Always.

Reading: Read the Newsela article “Despite drought and bugs, “we’re farmers and we’ll continue to farm.” at the 740 Lexile to start. If it’s too hard, drop down to the next Lexile, read, then return to 740 and see if it’s easier to read.

Identify ONLY main ideas in the article by highlighting them green like we have been doing in class. IF…IF you want to move ahead and identify details, reasons, or facts in yellow do so.

Do NOT take the quiz. We will do that and the writing portion tomorrow.

Homework: Sept. 1, 2015

Sorry for being late. I had a meeting until 5:00 and came home to a daughter with a fever. I’ll be out tomorrow with Charlotte…it had to be the middle child, right?

Here is homework for today:


Math: Finish Big Book 1.7 for homework.

Science/Reading: Finish reading Lesson 1 from Interactive Science Book. Remember, you are dividing second page up into fourths and looking for those two most important words in each section using the Two Word Protocol . Click on the link to review the protocol. Remember to underline the words you feel are critical in pencil. We will review them in class and add to them to build up important main ideas and details we want to keep track of.

Homework: Monday, August 31, 2015

Math: Finish Big Book 1.6 if not finished in class. Finish standards practice book, too.

Reading: IF…IF…you have reliable internet access. PLEASE read the Newsela article Miners want to explore ocean’s deep floor for precious rocks and minerals article at the 910 Lexile if you can. If it’s too challenging drop down to the 590 Lexile. DO NOT take the test yet. DO PLEASE read it carefully at least 2 times to get the gist of it.

~Taste Test Update~

We need a few more bottles of Dasani and Arrowhead water if you have them to share. We will structure blind taste test tomorrow and begin storyboarding the story we want to tell.

Ask your students about the QFT (Question Formulation Technique) we started today in class. We are working hard to learn protocols (structured thinking routines) in order to make our thinking visible. Want to know what the QFT should look like? Click the link above to see for yourself. 🙂

If you’d like to know more about the thinking moves we’re doing and why we’re doing it, you can Google search Ron Ritchart, Mark Church, or Karin Morrison, the authors of Making Thinking Visible: How to promote Engagement, Understanding, and Independence for all Learners. Or you can pick up the book from Amazon. (But they’ve written enough papers and blog posts online that you can get the gist of it from free looking around the web.)


Homework: Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Math: Finish Big Book (if not finished in class) and SPB (standards practice book) for lesson 1.4. Remember: exponents show repeated factors.

Reading: Read the Newsela article about a program that’s sending pencils half-way around the world! Click HERE to view the article. PLEASE read the note from me at the top of the article. You’ll want to decide which Lexile is best for you.

Homework: Monday, August 24, 2015

Reading/Science: RE-read Lesson 1 EEI. Pay especially close attention to the highlighted sections we discussed. Complete workbook Lesson 1 Questions 1-4. These will be for both a reading and writing and science grade. Answers should be complete sentences.

If you wish to complete the workbook online and type answers, you can use the form fillable PDF. Click HERE for the link.

EEI Videos to watch. 

Yes, I’m asking you to watch TV for homework. Well, not really TV, but I’m asking you to watch two videos.

The first video is on desalination. Is it something we can afford cost-wise and environmentally?

The second video is about the drought in California and how it’s affecting people.

Both videos can be viewed by going to the top of the blog and clicking on CURRICULUM > EEI SCIENCE  > 5.3 EARTH’S WATER and then scrolling down to the second and third videos you see on the page.

Homework: Wednesday,

Math: Standards Practice Book 1.3 front and back.

Reading: Take a field trip to Chris Van Allsburg’s website and go exploring! 🙂 Click HERE to be transported to a magical world.

Fan Letter Project

We are going to try and persuade #ChrisVanAllsburg to take the time to either Google Hangout with us or possibly write back to us.

I’d like you to ask your parents if they were going to write a fan letter to their favorite author, what would they include?

We’ll make a plan on what we need to do and learn next tomorrow.