Homework: Thursday, August 13, 2015

Math: IF…if…you finished Lesson 1.2 in the large book, you may finish the standards practice book.

IF…if…you did NOT (Remember, it takes 17 seconds longer to understand a “not” question.”) finish the work for Lesson 1.2 in the large book, you may finish that only. Do NOT do the standards practice book.

Got questions? Send me an email or text.

Reading: Read 30 minutes.

Homework: Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Math: Standards Practice Book 1.1 ALL Q’s.

Today we reviewed last night’s homework and moved ahead with students working individually on the Evens with me in small groups or students working on the Standards Practice Book.

If students didn’t finish the¬†Standards Practice Book in class, it is homework.

I am always going to work with groups of students to make sure they’re ready to tackle the homework assigned. If your child is really struggling with homework, please send me a text, write a note, email, or call to let me know?

A small group of students today began tackling their first math film. These were students who sufficiently displayed mastery of the concepts covered yesterday. Not all students will be working on this round of math filmmaking. Rest assured, all students will have a chance throughout the course of the trimester to do this, however.


Homework: Monday, August 10, 2015

Math: Finish ODDS for Lesson 1.1 Q’s 1-19 and number 20 on back side of big book. IF…IF…you finished the odds in class today, do the evens.

REMEMBER: You will ALWAYS check your work in the big book before moving on to the homework workbook or evens. You will NOT do the odds…then do the evens…then check your work.

Think about why for a moment.

I want you to do half the work and see if you got it. If you didn’t, we will meet to go over what’s confusing.

Why would I have you do ALL the work (evens and odds) and then check to find out you didn’t get something. Does that make sense? Let’s work smart. Let’s work together. Let’s think about WHY we do what we do.

What’s it called when we think about our thinking? What’s that long word that starts with the letter “M”?

Homework: Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Math: SPB 8.1

Reading/Writing: Please finish your Pro/Con writing for the Newsela article PRO/CON: How can we close the skills gap and fill U.S. jobs?

Here is a summary of the arguments and key details we saw in the article today.

Pro: Companies and colleges should work together to prepare skilled workers for companies.

Evidence: Rolls Royce spend $170 million in Virginia-need skilled workers-worked w/community colleges to obtain skilled workers.

-Rolls Royce got skilled workers

-Workers got good jobs

-Colleges earned good reputation for getting graduates jobs and earned new students and $ from enrollment

Con: Schools working with companies is a bad idea.

Evidence: People learn limited skills if they go to school to work for a specific company. That means they have limited job opportunities in the future.

Details: Vocational training should take place in high school like in Germany

Many high school students may not want to go to college after high school and they may just want to go start a job. Getting vocational (job training) starting in high school like in Germany will help them get ready to work after high school.