Main Ideas to use for writing about Cicada article

Today we read an article about cicadas and discussed how a main idea is something we assert to be true. A main idea is something that we claim. A main idea needs to be supported by evidence.

These are the main ideas we brainstormed in class today:

  1. We shouldn’t be prejudiced toward cicadas.
  2. Cicadas can benefit us.
  3. Cicadas are relatively harmless but can cause some problems.
  4. Cicadas are strange insects.
  5. Cicadas are interesting insects.
  6. Cicadas and grasshoppers are different (This had the lease evidence.)
  7. Cicadas have caused problems throughout history.
  8. Cicadas can be disturbing to some.

Homework: Thursday, September 3, 2015

Math: Finish SPB 1.7. We took the mid-chapter checkpoint and most of you did REALLY well! 🙂 Yay! For those who struggled, good news is this: we will always review, reteach, and learn from our mistakes. Always.

Reading: Read the Newsela article “Despite drought and bugs, “we’re farmers and we’ll continue to farm.” at the 740 Lexile to start. If it’s too hard, drop down to the next Lexile, read, then return to 740 and see if it’s easier to read.

Identify ONLY main ideas in the article by highlighting them green like we have been doing in class. IF…IF you want to move ahead and identify details, reasons, or facts in yellow do so.

Do NOT take the quiz. We will do that and the writing portion tomorrow.