AnswerGarden this?

Today was saw that AnswerGarden is a tool we can use to capture a quick, anonymous reflection. In 20 characters or less, you can respond to a prompt. You may respond more than one time. Try to keep answers to just a few (2 or 3) words. Feel free to respond to this AnswerGarden below. Remember to keep language G-rated and on topic. Inappropriate comments will be deleted.

Homework: Thursday, January 7, 2016

Math: My small group that I worked with needs to finish ODDS for lesson 6.7. You are strongly encouraged to log onto Khan Academy to continue working on your mission tonight as well if you have reliable internet.

The independent group working on math writing today need to log onto Khan Academy to work on your mission tonight.

Reading: Read 30 minutes.

Writing: Please start-if you can at home-the reflection activity related to Khan Activity found on our Google Classroom page. Remember, we are reflecting on the questions posed in the assignment. They are also listed in the Google Form. If you have questions, ask a parent first before asking me. We reviewed this in class, but I get this is new and there might be some confusion. You do NOT have to finish this all at home tonight. We will give time to finish in class tomorrow.