Homework: Monday, October 5, 2015

Math: Most students quizzed over estimating two-digit divisors. A handful worked with me today to review. IF…IF…you worked with me, you need to finish SPB 2.5 Q’s 5, 6, 7, and 8. IF you took the quiz, you have no homework. 🙂

Reading: Read 30 minutes

Spelling: Work on SpellingCity.com tasks.

Science: Finish workbook for lesson 3. Study dictionary. RE-read lesson 3 in EEI student edition. I would also study the diagram of an aquifer found both in your dictionary and in the visual diagram we looked at today in class.  Remember you can click on the links in this post, or you can find ALL of these items in Curriculum-EEI Science-5.3 Earth’s Water in the drop down menu at the top of the blog.

Homework: Thursday, September 24, 2015

Spelling: Spelling test tomorrow. Do the best you can with your Spelling City work. I’m still working out a few bugs with early submissions and resetting work. Not every activity will be compatible with a tablet or phone. Sorry, but that is beyond my control. If you are getting error messages saying an activity won’t load, let me know?

Reading: Read Arctic walrus go where the ice is, meaning fewer for Alaskans to hunt. Try the 820 Lexile first. This is a 6th grade Lexile. If it’s too challenging, drop down a level to 690 Lexile which is 4th grade.

Annotate text ONLY for What information/ideas are presented at the beginning of the text? and What words or phrases stand out to me as I read? 

Highlight text yellow. Annotate (write notes) in margin clarifying why you selected that text as significant (important).

Did you forget your guidelines? Here is a copy below. Need to print out a copy? Click HERE for the link to print your own copy.  No excuses. READ. THINK. ANNOTATE. 🙂

Spelling Homework…PACE yourself.

We will be working with SpellingCity.com for spelling homework. I will try to find time in the day to let you work, but I cannot guarantee it. That means YOU will need to find a computer at home with internet access to use. I select ONLY activities that can be done with either a computer or even a cell phone browser.

If you have a smart phone, you have internet. That means you can do your homework. GIANT round of applause for Jared who shared with the class how he uses his phone to work with his words! 🙂

Don’t do all the work in one night. Pace yourself. Do it well. NOT fast.

Pace yourself for spelling sentences. These are graded and need to have CLUES that show you know what the words means. Want to see some amazing examples? Ask Taylor Cager to show you her amazing sentences with context clues to show what the words mean.

The following students have not completed ANY of the spelling tasks for the penta- quint- word roots. It’s Tuesday. Time to go online and get started.

  1. Ahmad
  2. Ashlyn
  3. Ella D.
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Jared
  6. Lila
  7. Sineah
  8. Trevor

The following students have not completed ANY of the spelling tasks for the tri- quad- tetr-  word roots. It’s Tuesday. Time to go online and get started.

  1. Ahmad
  2. Ashlyn
  3. Ella D.
  4. Israel
  5. Aidan K.
  6. Sineah
  7. Taylor
  8. Trevor
  9. Tristan
  10. Yulia

The following students have not completed ANY of the spelling tasks for the ge- dge- word patterns. It’s Tuesday. Time to go online and get started.

  1. Aaron
  2. Xavier


Homework: Monday, September 21, 2015

Math: SPB Extra Practice P27-28 ALL Q’s. Chapter 1 final exam tomorrow.

Reading: Read 3o minutes.

Reading/Social Science: Lesson 1 WTP (We the People) questions tonight. Students need to write complete paragraph answers citing evidence from the text to support. We reviewed that evidence tonight could consist of summarizing information from the text, providing reasons, or even quoting small parts of the text.

Here is a sample answer we wrote for question 1:

Many Europeans wanted to move to the American Colonies. According to the text many people “came with the hope of owning their own land.” Land was cheap in the colonies. There was a lot of land available to buy. Only the rich could afford land in Europe.

There will be a lesson 1 WTP quiz tomorrow. This will consist of vocabulary matching, multiple choice, short answer. These quizzes will occur as lesson are concluded and reviewed.

Spelling: Word root students need to complete word root worksheets tonight. They must also begin working on SpellingCity.com tasks if they are to be complete by Thursday night. The sentence writing they need to take the most effort in. Students should plan on doing about 4 sentences per night.

Spelling Patterns/Roots This Week

We’ve got two groups working on two patterns this week.

Students need to work on SpellingCity.com tasks NIGHTLY and not save all their work to do Thursday night.

I can track exactly how many minutes students spend on each task. If you want to know the minute totals, send me an email and I can tell you.

Students need to review the flash cards and not just click through them.

Students need to write EXCELLENT sentences that use clues to show they know what the words means. Please plan on doing at least 4 or 5 sentences per night and save your work as you go. We reviewed in class how to do this today. If your child is not sure, please ask them to email me or post a comment on the blog.

PLEASE review the spelling words with your child and the spelling patterns for both groups of kids. Talk with them about their work. Ask them to share with you what they’re working on.

Word Roots:

tri- = three

quadr-, tetr- = four

penta-, quint- = five

Spelling patterns: 

__ge (long vowel + ge) as in page, huge, range

__dge (short vowel + dge) as in judge, badge, dodge


Homework: Thursday, September 17, 2015

Math: Finish SPB odds Lesson 1.12. Chapter 1 test Tuesday of next week.

Reading: Read 30 minutes.

Social Science: Finish reading last page of Lesson 1 WTP (We the People). Annotate and highlight text using the Two Word Protocol like we’ve used in class. YOU know you’ll need more than two words to summarize a section, but start with the two most important words you find. Two Word Protocol can be found on our blog by clicking HERE.

Lesson 1 WTP quiz Tuesday of next week. 

Spelling Homework NOT Complete Yet

Tomorrow is first spelling test. To log in, you need your student log in number (the 997xxxxxx one without the “@egusd.net” on the end) and your school lunch number.


This is the first week of spelling and using SpellingCity.com, which is why the tasks should be fairly simple and quick to do. If these aren’t finished at home tonight, they will be done tomorrow at recess.

The following students have not completed their SpellingCity.com tasks:

  1. Aaron
  2. Lisa
  3. Nicholas
  4. Desirae
  5. Xavier
  6. Elizabeth
  7. Israel
  8. Sineah
  9. Trevor
  10. Tristan
  11. Ahmad
  12. Aidan K.

Spelling Work Update

Today is day one of spelling. We’re using SpellingCity.com for several activities. If you do not have internet connection at home, I will have to make time for your child to complete their work. It is IMPERATIVE, however, that students make every effort to complete their work at home.

I can log into my teacher account and track exactly how many minutes spend on different tasks. They joys of the internet and websites. As of this post (6:36 PM, September 14, 2015) I see the following students have completed ALL or nearly all of their online activities or have at least logged on and started working:

  1. Jared
  2. Ella H.
  3. Zaya
  4. Yulia
  5. Ashlyn
  6. Christelle
  7. Brayden
  8. Aidan R.
  9. Aaron
  10. Marcelo
  11. Desirae
  12. Lisa
  13. Diego
  14. Carlos

If you’re name isn’t on the list above, that tells me you have not logged into SpellingCity.com and have failed to begin working. Your time is limited in class. Use your work time at home wisely and be careful of falling into the trap of saying you’re going to do homework on the computer and then getting distracted and doing “other stuff.”

Parents, please monitor your child’s screen time and keep an eye over their shoulder to make sure if they are online, they’re working on what they should be. Failure to complete tasks at home will limit access to other online activities in school.

Spelling Starts Next Week

Spelling officially kicks off next week. I’ve been analyzing students’ stages of spelling and have them grouped to focus on spelling strengths and weaknesses.

If your child has a learning center list of words, we will balance that with the spelling features we focus on in class.

We’ll hone in on specific spelling features at each student’s need. Different kids will have different lists. This week, we’re working off two lists: one featuring the word roots: mono, uni, bi, di. The other list is working on the -ack and -ail spelling pattern. If your child feels a list is too easy, we’ll bump them up the following week. If your child feels a list is too hard, we’ll adjust after a week or two to make sure it’s a spelling challenge and not motivational challenge.

Spelling will work like this:

  1. Pretest Monday.
  2. Explicit teaching of spelling pattern Monday for both groups.
  3. For the word root groups, they will work on a paper worksheet first.
  4. For the non-word root groups, they’ll instantly start working on SpellingCity.com activities.
  5. Pretest will need to take place at home Thursday night.
  6. Final test Friday. For the word root groups, they will be graded on spelling words correctly AND knowing definitions of words.

Want to take a list at the words over the weekend? Click HERE to get a preview.

Want to get a head start on the SpellingCity.com activities? Students will need to log into their account. Their log in is their school log in: 997xxxxxx@egusd.net and their lunch number is their password.