Spelling Patterns/Roots This Week

We’ve got two groups working on two patterns this week.

Students need to work on SpellingCity.com tasks NIGHTLY and not save all their work to do Thursday night.

I can track exactly how many minutes students spend on each task. If you want to know the minute totals, send me an email and I can tell you.

Students need to review the flash cards and not just click through them.

Students need to write EXCELLENT sentences that use clues to show they know what the words means. Please plan on doing at least 4 or 5 sentences per night and save your work as you go. We reviewed in class how to do this today. If your child is not sure, please ask them to email me or post a comment on the blog.

PLEASE review the spelling words with your child and the spelling patterns for both groups of kids. Talk with them about their work. Ask them to share with you what they’re working on.

Word Roots:

tri- = three

quadr-, tetr- = four

penta-, quint- = five

Spelling patterns: 

__ge (long vowel + ge) as in page, huge, range

__dge (short vowel + dge) as in judge, badge, dodge


Spelling Starts Next Week

Spelling officially kicks off next week. I’ve been analyzing students’ stages of spelling and have them grouped to focus on spelling strengths and weaknesses.

If your child has a learning center list of words, we will balance that with the spelling features we focus on in class.

We’ll hone in on specific spelling features at each student’s need. Different kids will have different lists. This week, we’re working off two lists: one featuring the word roots: mono, uni, bi, di. The other list is working on the -ack and -ail spelling pattern. If your child feels a list is too easy, we’ll bump them up the following week. If your child feels a list is too hard, we’ll adjust after a week or two to make sure it’s a spelling challenge and not motivational challenge.

Spelling will work like this:

  1. Pretest Monday.
  2. Explicit teaching of spelling pattern Monday for both groups.
  3. For the word root groups, they will work on a paper worksheet first.
  4. For the non-word root groups, they’ll instantly start working on SpellingCity.com activities.
  5. Pretest will need to take place at home Thursday night.
  6. Final test Friday. For the word root groups, they will be graded on spelling words correctly AND knowing definitions of words.

Want to take a list at the words over the weekend? Click HERE to get a preview.

Want to get a head start on the SpellingCity.com activities? Students will need to log into their account. Their log in is their school log in: 997xxxxxx@egusd.net and their lunch number is their password.