Math Films

Students will solve a problem, write an explanation of how to solve it, adapt that explanation for film, and then create either a Keynote or screen record  their syntax solving the problem using a tablet and SketchBook Express.

Your written explanation must include specific, mathematical vocabulary that is used correctly. You must create a story scenario for each video.

Here are the current teams and topics to be presented:

Group 1: Comparing Fractions Like NUMERATOR method

Adam, Aaron, Alex


Group 2 Comparing Fractions Like DENOMINATOR method

Joseph, Hunter, Sean

Need to revise script

Group 3 Comparing & Ordering Decimals & Percents

Naomi, Genevieve, Lois

video complete-review by Mr. B

Group 4 Adding Mixed # & Fractions (unlike denominator)

Noah, Dominic, Rahbecca

Need to revise-Need to finish Keynote

Group 5 Subtracting Fractions (unlike denominator)

Tafinah, Marissa, Madison

need to edit on Final Cut

Group 6 Multiplying Fraction times Fraction

Harneet, Jade, Kimmani, Divinity

Need to edit Final Cut

Group 7 Multiplying Fraction times Whole Number

Aiden, Madeline, Kaila

ready to edit Final Cut

Group 8 Comparing Fractions, Decimals, Percents

Vincent, Sam, Amarii

Keynote complete-need to film standup

Group 9 Ordering Fractions & Decimals on a Number Line

Tyler, Le’Von