Meet the Idioms


These short mini-documentaries are designed to:

  1. Explore figurative language

  2. Provide opportunities to engage in online research

  3. Promote expository writing and the writing process

  4. Teach students about copyright and how to responsibly use Creative Commons Licensed images

  5. Introduce students to using a green screen

  6. Create an awareness of the importance of synchronizing the spoken word to background imagery when working with green screen.

  7. Check out this example using green screen and background imagery by clicking here.

  8. Check out this example using green screen with minimal background imagery by clicking here.


  1. First you will need to select an idiom from the idiom box. These are from the “Scholastic Dictioary of Idioms.” If there is a specific idiom you would like to do, get your teacher’s approval first.

  2. Complete an “Idiom Project” form. To download the form, click here.

  3. For the “History of your idiom” section, you will want to use the Scholastic Dictionary of Idiom as well as go to to look for more information or anecdotes related to your idiom. THIS is what will help make your script interesting and entertaining.

  4. One side of the idiom project has writing. The other side is for you to create a picture related to your idiom. The image should be related to the idiom. It can be a literal depiction. It can be a visual interpretation of the meaning of the idiom. It can include words, phrases, or characters exchanging dialogue. Whatever you choose to do, be creative and make it COLORFUL. These images can be scanned and used as a green screen image for your film.

  5. For the video, you will first need to write a 1 to 1.5 page script expanding on the paper idiom project’s information. Here’s where you need Add detail with anecdotes or a brief historical exploration related to your idiom. If you’re struggling, see your teacher.

  6. Images. You need a LOT of images. Use and search Wikimedia Commons first. For b-roll plan on flashing new pictures up every 1 to 4 seconds depending on what you’re saying. Since a 1 to 1.5 page script is about 1 minute to 1 minute 15 seconds, you’ll need at least 15 pictures and most likely more. You will need to sync the pictures with what you’re saying. If you say “dog” there should be an image of a dog.

    For the end credits you will need to state the following:

    Meet the Idioms

    Information from
    The Scholastic Dictionary of Idioms
    by Marvin Terban
    Additional Informationfrom
    Images used were from
    Camera Operator
    (student editor first and last name here)
    (student editor first and last name here)



    The paper and the video products will be evaluated using the following rubrics.

    Click here to see the paper rubric.

    Click here to see the video rubric

MindMup for Your Film

Outline for your script


  1. Attention Grabber
    1. Visual and verbal
  2. Identify the speaker & idiom.
    1.  “Hi, I’m (name here) and welcome to another episode of ‘Meet the Idioms’ a series where words have a totally different meaning! ”
  3. Define the idiom & use it in a sentence.
    1.  “Today’s episode will be starring the idiom (idiom here).”
  4. Summarize history/origin of the idiom.
    1. Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?
    2. “This idiom originated from…”
  5. “I’m (name here) and thanks for watching another episode of ‘Meet the Idioms!’”