For more than 20 years, SECC has worked with students and teachers exploring the value of video production. The annual SEVA or Student Educational Video Awards contest has expanded from about 50 entries to more than 375 and nearly 1300 students, parents and teachers attended the 2011 Award Night event.

Open to all Sacramento county students (K-20), the contest celebrates the talents and visions of student video producers. Winners and participants are recognized at SECC’s SEVA Award Night and winning videos and producer interviews are shown on cable and online. In addition, student work entered in the contest sets the stage for the Student DV program topics and interviews. SECC produces the program to showcase digital video programs created by Sacramento students — which allows their creations to go beyond the walls of their classroom via cable TV and online.

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Public Service Announcement
Instructional Video
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Judging a S.E.V.A. Entry

The S.E.V.A.s are judged by teachers, students, and other adults with expertise in filmmaking. The maximum score an entry can receive is 100 points.

Judging is based on the following criteria:

Educational Message Strength 30 points

Does the video convey a clear educational message?

Production & Technical Quality 20 points

Picture, lighting, sound appropriate for the age level?

Organization of Production 20 points

Is there a beginning, middle, and end? Can you follow the message?

Creativity/Originality 20 points

Is the video original and creative? All content created by students and copyright cleared?

Overall Impression 10 points

Does the program leave the viewer with a meaningful impression of the educational message?